Modern Business Solutions


Businesses have found themselves inundated with numerous new regulations and compliance statutes. This has birthed a new industry of thousands of vendors claiming to help you be more efficient.


The problem is that efficiency doesn’t come on an individual vendor level; efficiency comes when you look at everything as a whole. Most vendors promise to make you more efficient in the one area they specialize in all while ignoring the rest of your business. 

At Power Human Capital Management, our advisors look at every aspect of your business because true efficiency comes when your vendors work in harmony. 


Lower unemployment numbers have one negative side effect for business, it produces a very tight and competitive labor market. 

On top of that, millennials are expected to make up over 50% of the labor force in just a couple of years. 

Statistically, millennials only stay at a job for just a few years before moving on to the next employment opportunity. 

Is your company prepared to compete in a competitive labor market when there are fewer candidates to choose from?

Does your company have a strategy to retain your employees so that the "new hire investment" you made is not wasted?



Nobody really likes to talk about group benefits, (except maybe us), but did you know that 1/3 of a company's cost is tied up in their group benefits program?

This may be shocking, but did you know that healthier employees are happier employees? They are also cheaper to insure.

Proper wellness plans and strategies can help prepare your company for a future of lower insurance premiums and happier, healthier employees. 



We understand the multiple vendors it takes to keep your business running. Payroll, Benefits, and HR/Compliance are the three main areas that can make or break your company. 

Our "Modern Business Solution" approach allows us to work with you on a strategy that focuses on:

  • Hiring the best talent (and reducing that operational cost)

  • Offering the best and most complete benefits package to retain your staff (and reducing down that cost as well) 

  • Keeping you ahead of the curve from a compliance perspective so that you don't lose all of your hard earnings because of a rule or law you didn't know about

  • And so much more...

Don't delay, reach out to one of our advisors to learn more about how these strategies can help you grow into the future.