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In an industry filled with more change than a coin machine, healthcare is one topic every business has some sort of feeling about. Staying hyper-focused on all the changes and customer focused in our approach is what makes our Broker Services industry leading.


We embrace the advantages technology can give to include time savings, increased employee morale, and compliance. We also understand the importance of a personal and local touch.

Your insurance broker may not look as old as one of these guys, but their strategies probably are dated that old. Gone are the days of brokers just simply setting up a business with insurance benefits and racking in the commissions for the rest of the year.


The Affordable Care Act, aka ACA or Obamacare, has changed the industry in a way most brokers didn’t want. For small groups of less than 50 full-time employees (*100 full-time employees in some states), rates are now fixed.


This took away one of the biggest advantages brokers had pre-ACA which was the ability to negotiate lower rates. If broker A, B, and C all offer the same rates, what sets them apart?


Brokers today do not get compensated by insurance carriers to help their clients with compliance. Are you still sure your broker is keeping you as compliant as you should be?

With all things being equal, what is the difference between your current broker and a Power broker?


Simply put, value. Value consists of all the “above and beyond” services that we perform unrelated to carrier compensation.


Our goal is to give you a future proof method of offering the best group benefits package possible. 


One that not only gives your employees great benefits but also is cognizant to the companies overall budget.


Today's employees care about benefits 70% of the time more than compensation itself. Good benefits are important to increase employee morale and retention.


Great benefits also make you more competitive in the job market as well. Because of this, we are not swayed by showing you only 1 insurance carrier because that is what’s easy or even worse, that carrier happens to pay brokers a big bonus.


Our number one goal is showing you the most competitive and "out of the box" insurance strategies that help propel your company into the future.


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