Comprehensive HR protection and support for your organization


When it comes to HR, you shouldn’t go it alone. With HR Complete, you’ll never have to.


Offering the industry’s most comprehensive HR protection and support, HR Complete comes with dedicated support from one of our certified Advisors who will ensure you reach your HR goals.


Stay ahead of new rules and regulations

It’s no secret: HR is a complicated field — and it’s only getting more complex each year.


Your HR Advisor will make sure you stay on top of new employment trends and regulations, and ahead of the HR curve.


Focus on your HR Priorities.


Sometimes just figuring out what to work on first can be the biggest hurdle.


We’ll work with you to prioritize your HR needs and efficiently tackle them one by one.

4 ways HR Complete can help you crush your HR challenges


A Dedicated HR Advisor


Great HR has the power to transform an organization. But it can be challenging to go it alone.


With HR Complete, you’re partnered with a dedicated Advisor to help with everything from compliance to strategy.


You'll save time.

Lots of it.


You’re busy. Sometimes too busy to take care of mounting HR projects, like updating your handbook, writing job descriptions, or researching the latest rules and regulations.


We’ll do that for you so you can focus on your organization.

A proactive approach to HR designed around your needs

A tailored action plan


Your Advisor will build a custom plan that maps out HR tasks, initiatives, and goals to ensure your organization is compliant and protected.


Quarterly business reports


An easy-to-read quarterly report so you can see HR projects completed and upcoming areas of focus.


Regular check-ins


Discuss progress on your HR Action Plan, review milestones, and define upcoming priorities on a schedule that works best for you.


Custom Handbooks


We’ll update your existing handbook — or create one tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.


Digital Content Suite


Instant access to a vast array of online HR tools, templates, training, and other resources, as well as a history of your interactions with your Advisor.



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