Business Debt Solutions

Business owners are largely neglected and underserved when dealing with employee retirement planning and personal wealth management, being debt-free, financial, and investment planning. Generally running lean to start, most dollars go to keeping the business afloat. If you're thinking about growth, debt accumulates before the retirement saving has even begun. New employees, new equipment, marketing money all contribute to that additional debt.

Our Business Solutions explain how to:

  • Transition costs into assets

  • Become more efficient with the same $'s you are currently spending

  • Get out of Debt in 9yrs or less using the same money you are currently spending. 

  • Effectively manage Cash Flow

  • Significantly reduce risk

  • Save on Taxes now and in the future

Employee Financial Literacy Program

 When it comes to financial literacy, our educational system has failed us. How many classes did you take that dealt with money, being debt-free, employee retirement planning, or Wealth Management? The benefits associated with financial education in the workplace have proven to improve productivity and performance. If financial and investment planning is not understood, people naturally make bad financial decisions. After a few good or bad decisions, debt begins to grow with no way out in the near future. Our 30-minute free "Workplace Financial Literacy" Seminar in Scottsdale will help your business: 


  • Improve employee self-esteem and morale in the workplace and home

  • Reduce employee turnover

  • Help your employees get out of debt

  • Maximize employees cash flow

  • Provide a defined tax-favored employee benefit