Accept payments anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Whether in the store or on the go, Heartland turns more shoppers into buyers and processes payments securely and quickly.

Accept Credit and Debit Payments: anywhere, with any method, on any device.


  • In Store

  • Online

  • Offsite

  • On the go

With any method

  • EMV Chip Card

  • Apple Pay

  • Samsung Pay

  • Android Pay

  • Gift Cards​

On any device

  • Tablet

  • Virtual Terminal

  • Point of Sale Terminal

  • Mobile Phone


Heartland E-commerce is a full-service platform that allows a merchant to set up an online portal for ordering, selling products and collecting consumer payments.


It combines both gateway and payment processing services in order to securely accept orders and payments from a merchant in order to deliver them to the payment brand.


Bill Payments

We provide bill payment solutions for customers with medical practices, to local governments and utility providers.


We’ll work with your team to select and integrate the solution that’s right for you and your payers, and you’ll be able to access consolidated reporting across all payment channels and methods.

Reliable payment features:


Integrated Payments

Our payment solutions integrate seamlessly with most point-of-sale systems on the market.


We’ll set up your terminal and get you up and running without you having to lift a finger, and your store will have the capacity to accept payments anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Mobile Pay

Whether your business is always on the go or you need an extra payment terminal in your storefront to cut lines, Heartland Mobile Pay has the tools you need to serve your customers and help grow your business.


The Mobile Pay app and Mobile Reader accept EMV chip cards, contactless (Apple Pay/Google Pay), magstripe, cash and checks, and are compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Our goals as your partner in payments

Turn shoppers into buyers quickly.


Nowadays there are many ways to pay, and Heartland gives your customers the choices they want. From credit and debit cards to digital wallets and stored value options, Heartland supports hundreds of payment types.


Since no one wants to wait for that "payment approved" message, we deliver authorization and fraud responses in typically under two seconds.


Understand and minimize costs.


While Heartland technology supports fast, simple and secure transactions, our guiding principle is to provide fair pricing and full disclosure of fees and agreement terms. Our statements clearly designate your interchange rates (how much you pay to the card brands) and your Heartland fees. 


With our interchange optimization service, you qualify for the best interchange rates and save with cost reductions immediately. Adding and supporting online or mobile payments can be done with a single integration, and our next-day funding gets payments in your hands sooner.


Keep transactions safe and secure.


Turn existing customers into repeat customers by making it easy for them to shop with you again and again.


Our supported hosting service eliminates the risk of storing customer account information on your servers and makes it easy to facilitate online and/or recurring payments.