Performance Reviews

In today's employee market, it is no longer an option as to whether you should or shouldn't perform employee reviews.


Due to increased compliance and regulations, more and more employees go to file complaints to the Department of Labor which collects billions of dollars in fines.


By not having accurate records on file, it is difficult to argue a complaint. 

Performance Review 

Employee Request

Our platform not only allows you to streamline the way you handle performance reviews but gives you the ability to track and maintain visible records that you and the employees can sign off on. 

By setting clear and defined goals for your employees, you are able to increase productivity and engagement across the board.


Now employees are engaged in there work and have a verifiable method to be held accountable. 

This platform allows you to create custom performance reviews to include questions in the following format:

  • Short/Long Text

  • Star Rating 

  • Number Rating 

  • Multiple Choice Answer


You now have the flexibility to collect information in the most usable and easy format for employees to complete.

Performance Review