Did you know that the top 10 wage-and-hour labor class-action settlements in 2017 totaled over $300 million?

Are you 100% confident that with your current way of tracking employees hours will not leave you exposed to a potential lawsuit?


Gone are the days where the honor system still works. In today's era, employers need to be vigilant when it comes to tracking time and attendance. Payroll is already the largest expense to an employer, don't let fines and lawsuit settlements make that number even larger. 


Use the link below to see how easy it is to have a robust time and attendance system in place that employees can even manage right from their smartphone or computer!

Labor distribution

Track the number of hours worked by your employees.

Multiple time collection options

Choose from time clocks using manual punches, proximity badges or biometric technologies.

Employee scheduling

Build schedules to track late arrivals, early departures or unplanned absences.

Labor reporting capabilities

Overtime reports, labor by department, exceptions, absences, etc.

Paid time off management

Accruing time earned, recording time used, calculating time available, time off requests and approvals


APS’ Attendance Console automates time and labor management, enabling you to improve productivity, increase payroll accuracy, and eliminate expensive time-clock options.


Whether you require online clock-in, mobile clock-in, physical punches, or a combination of all of the above, our Attendance Console has the flexibility you need.


  • Multiple time capture solutions including mobile, biometric verification, desktop clock-in, online timesheets, and a tablet app to streamline time tracking processes

  • Mobile Manager and Employee Self Service

  • IP Address Restricted Access & ClockZones™

  • Geofencing

  • Flexibility with advanced time clock rules, overtime calculations, and shift differentials

  • Customized dashboard views and alerts of important time tracking data in one place

  • Locking of time card records once payroll is run to ensure consistency with pay history

  • Daily labor expense reporting for better management of regular and premium pay

  • Easily capture time for different employee types, rates of pay, departments, and locations


Multiple time capture options

  • Web-based Time Clock

  • Kiosk/QuickPunch

  • Online Timesheets

  • Mobile Time Clock

  • Biometric Verification Time Clock

  • Timeclock Tablet App



  • Allows employees to clock in from any mobile device using GPS tracking

  • Control which employees can use the mobile clock-in and where they can clock-in

  • Instantly view employees’ mobile punches


  • Ability to create and assign schedules to better control labor costs

  • Assign multiple shifts to employees or multiple employees to one shift

  • Manage and view employee attendance information in real-time

  • Receive alerts when employees are approaching overtime

  • Automatically syncs with your payroll data to ensure accurate hours worked by employees

Mobile manager self-service

  • Approve time off requests and access calendar views for tracking leave

  • Review, edit and approve time cards

  • View employee info and events

  • Real-time overtime alerts and instant view of employee clock-in statuses

  • Set time-sensitive alerts

Mobile Employee Self-Service

  • Electronic request and approval process for time off management

  • View time cards and accrual balances

  • Receive notifications of approved or denied time off requests



Our proprietary technology is logically designed for optimized user experience.



APS provides each customer with a dedicated four-person account team with a team lead to ensure a high level of quality and consistency.



Our technology is beyond six sigma compliance, with an almost perfect output of less than 0.0000034%.



From day one, our goal is to understand the challenges our clients are facing and how our system can best be configured to help support their needs.


APS has a negligible tax fee ratio of 0.000001 per $700 million in payroll tax payments processed.



Our software utilizes advanced multi-level security, two-factor authentication, and is SOC 1 Type 2 audited for limited risk.



We are the only Sage Intacct Marketplace Partner hosting the first platform-to-platform, automatic General Ledger integration. We also offer SSO integration with Cypherworx Learning Management.