How many medical plan options do you offer your employees?

How often do you switch carriers?

​We often uncover groups that have been stuck in a cycle of either offering the same carrier year over year or only 1 plan option for their employees.


Employee surveys show that 70% of workers care more about group benefits than compensation itself. 


If you are not offering a robust medical insurance option, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage to other businesses that offer multiple plan options and more competitive coverages. 


Our expert level insurance advisors prioritize the two most important factors: offering a plan that your employees find value in and offering a package that works for the companies budget. The goal is to increase participation and reduce cost. 


We present and educate our clients on all the market offers by working with every insurance carrier and every insurance type to include Fully Insured, Level Funded, and Self Funded.

Ease Benefits Enrollment

Ease Benefits 









Surplus credit

When actual claims are less than projected, the company receives a credit1 – this is money back directly.


Payments don’t fluctuate

Monthly costs are based on the number of covered employees and cover all claims,2 premiums and fees.


No costs after termination

There are no additional expenses after termination, so you know your all costs up front.


Client-specific claims reports

Every client has direct access to reports that track exactly how claims dollars are being spent.


Tailored plan design

Clients can tailor their plan design and choose from both traditional and account-based health plans.

  • Self-funded plans are governed only by the federal Employee Retirement Income and Security Act (ERISA) which allows Cigna to offer your employees the same tailored benefits in multiple states.

  • Plan administrators enjoy an integrated, easy experience because Cigna pays all claims and decides all appeals.

  • Individual and aggregate stop-loss financial protection set maximum monthly costs to protect you from catastrophic claims situations, and are standard for every client.

  • Customers have access to the broad proprietary Cigna network of hospitals and physicians.

  • Specialty case management, utilization management, and disease management programs help individuals with chronic or acute conditions improve their health and lower related costs.

  • A health improvement strategy team works with each client to create and implement programs that work best for that company and its employees.

  • An experienced team of experts from implementation, client services, and account management is ready to promptly respond and resolve administrative issues.