Who We Are

We are a company dedicated to helping business streamline and grow into the 21st century with modern business solutions. 

After consulting with tens of thousands of companies, we realized that there is a huge hole in the marketplace; a hole that prevents businesses from moving forward and taking full advantage of the advancements technology has made.

We heard this feedback and set out to help businesses in the best way we knew how, and that is to treat your company like it is our own.


Our Human Capital Management approach allows us to offer you expert level insurance consulting, personalized Human Resources services, next level compliance protections, and a robust technology integration platform.


This allows you to manage all aspects of your employees from "Hire to Retire" through easy to use and streamlined applications. 


With Power HCM Inc. as your "quarterback", you now have an expert that understands your business at all levels. This allows us to make each area of your business benefit from the improvements of the other. 


Your future is one call away, let us show you all the advantages of modern business solutions.

Businesses are left having to "quarterback" all the vendors they use to manage their employees. These vendors have no tie or sense of responsibility to each other.


This singular practice is why companies are left with regulatory uncertainties and roadblocks that prevent them from accelerating to the next level. 


Most insurance brokerages operate in the same way today as they did 30+ years ago. This means manual processes and an individual approach to how they help your company.


Most technology companies don't have a good enough understanding of how important insurance and compliance is to the way a business grows and operates; so they still fail to "connect the dots".